Where Are You Going?

Keytalife Truth

Beautiful one it is important to know where you are going and where you have been.

 Where Are You Going?

Beautiful one look in the mirror

Stop looking over it, but peer within

Do you recognize whom you see?

Do you even understand the reflection has a part of me?

Time is of the essence

You don’t know when yours will end

I need you to pay close attention

The one talking is your friend

Look deeply beyond the surface of the additions you added on

I need you to get unclothed and bare your soul

I need you to let go of the baggage and trust I will heal the hole

You my love are my finest creation put together with great thought and care

Nothing about you was a mistake I know every single strand of hair

Beautiful one you were created on purpose

My love for you is more than you could ever know

I gave up my son my actions proved it to be so

But as I look into your eyes… I don’t see who I created you to be

When I look into your eyes I am losing seeing me

Where are you going?

It’s down a path I do not know

Where are you going?

I love you too much to let go.

I weep tears of the thought of losing you.

I can’t stand to turn my back

You have so much inside

This pain is only a test

My loves do not give up tag me in… I will give you rest

Your mistakes do not define you

Your scars are beauty marks

They may mock your wounds do not give in

Know that I am your biggest cheerleader rooting for you to win

Where you are currently going will only break your heart

A journey full of destruction and pain

Nothing good will come from this unhealed road

Trust me you have nothing to gain.

Broken leaders only unleash brokenness

Creating roads of wounds

Beautiful wounded won’t let love in

Leaving a path of broken men

There is so much more inside of you

So much more you can do

I need you to trust me my love

Open your heart be vulnerable and let me walk you through.

Healing won’t be easy

it will not happen overnight

You my love must be willing to fight.


I promise you will be supported

I will stand with you and speak what is true

On the other side of this journey

Others will be delivered, but most importantly so will you.

Who Is Keytalife?

It has taken some time for me to fully understand who I am. I am Keytalife. I am a Woman of God. I am an artist I am a daughter, sister, and friend. I am a person who speaks life and gives life to others through my words. I am a wounded healer. My scars have become life lessons that I have woven together into stories and poetry to offer light to others in their darkest times. I am tall like a sunflower bending towards the sun. The sun kisses my skin and warms the innermost part of me. When I love I am vulnerable exposing parts that most do not see. Those who have been given pieces of my heart have seen me past the leader, coach, to a place only God resides. I have cried, unmasking years of insecurities, finally surrendering them to the one who created me. When I look in the mirror I see a reflection of God in my eyes. Tears of not being chosen helped me to understand my worth. He wanted me to be so hidden only a man after his own heart could recognize my beauty, but I had to see it first. I am learning to appreciate myself. I am imperfect but striving to be the best Woman of God walking in my purpose. I am able to cry cleansing tears when hurt, articulate wrongs, and let go with the same love I entered with. I am living by faith. I am walking in love.

What Are The Steps To Healing

  1. Be Ready– Beautiful ones YOU must be ready to begin the journey of healing. This cannot be something someone has forced you to do you have to be sick and tired of crying, feeling defeated, and being broken. Beautiful surrendering does not mean you failed, but it means you trust God to get you through.
  1. Take Responsibility– The second step for healing is to stop the blame game and begin taking reasonability for the role in which you played. Yes, there are times others inflicted the pain we experience, but how we deal with it we own. We have more power to heal than we think. Do not give the people who hurt you more power than they deserve. To heal takes courage many have but give up. Forgiveness is a hard pill to swallow at times, but it is a huge part of the healing process.
  2. Deal with the Root Cause– Sometimes you have to go back and heal roots from the past that creep into the present. So many of us carry bags of dead issues. We cannot move forward carrying the weight. The truth is what we hold over ourselves has the ability to keep us stuck. Beautiful ones God did not create us to be stuck. Let go of things that do not serve you anymore.

Keytalife Reflection

  1. It is important to know who you are. Write 20 positive I am statement. For the month of March read them every morning before you wake up and go to sleep. Write in your journal what you learn.
  1. I am thankful for all of the people who loved me to where I am now. This next activity is important. Reflect upon and individual who inspired you to be who you are. Write a thank-you letter to the individual who influenced your life, and send it to him or her. Please share on my page the impact the letter had on them.

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