Who Are You Meant To Be

Keytalife Truth- My love we all go through a process to be great.

The truth of the matter is being ready for love is a beautiful journey. This is a passage worth every bit of the process that you will go through. My loves do not give up as you climb the mountain. Your body will become tired, but do not lose the faith. Many have traveled down this path. There has been so many who have been close but they gave up. I challenge you to remember with each breath you breathe it will push you closer towards being who you are meant to be.

All of my friends know that I love butterflies. I love them because of their journey to become. Each part of the process is crucial to the beautiful butterflies transformation. Metamorphosis isn’t just some beautiful physical transformation it takes work, faith, and trust.. There is no resting going on in the inner parts of the chrysalis. Inside the chrysalis, the caterpillar is fighting to transform into a new creature they were born to be.  In order for the butterfly to become the caterpillars, a body is broken down and transformed into something new. Butterflies and caterpillars don’t just look different when they come out they are different. They fought hard to be the butterfly.

My love, I have fought hard to become the woman I am right now.   One night I cried out to God saying something has got to change. I could not continue the constant roller coaster of my life.    I was broken down, but it was in my most brokenness that I walked towards the light. I stopped using my past as an excuse to avoid the real issue.  I stopped trying to win and make things happen on my own. I stood still, listened, reflected, prayed, and allowed God to heal me. What stood in the way from me be great was ME. The very thing I was looking for existed inside of me.  Love could not come for me until I gave it to me myself. My love, we obtain what we reflect in the world.  I also had to face the truth I lacked self-confidence. The lack of confidence impacted every area of my life. It showed up in how I led, dressed, and accepted for myself.

My love through tears honest conversations with God and friends I began the journey towards healing. Today I challenge you to begin the journey. Beautiful one who would you be if you were whole? 

Keytalife Reflections:

  1. My love, what issue in your life keeps you from being the great individual you were created to be?
  2. What part of the process do you fight? Why?
  3. When you are in your process it can be challenging? Write five encouraging statements that will help you push through.

Please share your thoughts on my page. Our testimonies will shine the light for others. I love you.


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